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Homemade Valentines: Cute pop-up card with dangling elements

Homemade Valentines: Cute pop-up card with dangling elements

Feltmaking: Holy Family

Make your very own Doll Nativity Set - Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. 



Feltmaking: Felted Soap

Felted soaps are the gifts you have to put on your To-Do Holiday Gifts.

Your lucky recipient will enjoy rubbing his/her skin with this soft felted soap! And it lasts much longer than regular soap, plus you finally get a cute pouch!

You can follow this tutorial.



Modeling: Santa Claus out of Polymer Clay

This cute Santa will make a beautiful Christmas Tree Ornament, or you can also use it as a photo or Menu Holder for Holiday feast dinner table.

I used this Tutorial.

Halloween Felted Ghost

DIY Modeling: Polymer Clay Witch & Owl

These scary witch and crazy owl will hold the menu on my Thanksgiving table!

Hairs are made from scraps that I’ve put in the extruder. 



DIY Modeling: Polymer Clay Pumpkins & Ghosts

I love those traditional Halloween designs :)

To make the pumpkins, I’ve watched this tutorial.

To make the ghosts, I’ve just used a simple drop shape.

So cute!




DIY Feltmaking: Halloween Felted Ghosts!


This is the design I’ve created for celebrating Halloween.

Those little ghosts are perfect to make my students discover the 3D felting techniques, and the use of template.

Here are the steps you can follow to make a cone shape, that you will then customize to scare your friends!

1. Select a color of wool.

2. Place a triangular template on your bamboo mat.


3. Lay even pieces of fleece on the template: 2 layers in alternative directions. Make the length of the fleece slightly longer (about 1/2”) than the size of the template so you have some overlap to fold over later. Start with a vertical layer so you end with an horizontal one (easier to fold over).

4. Wet the fleece. When wetting the felt, it should be thoroughly dampened, but not soaking wet.

5. Place a large piece of netting on the fleece. Rub the wool, excepting the part exceeding the template. Remove very carefully the netting.


6. Flip the fleece and template over. Lay the fleece on the template.Start with a vertical layer, and make the length of the fleece exactly the size of the template. Then, fold over the edges from side 1. This is the second layer, horizontal. But fold the bottom, otherwise you would close the cone. Wet the fleece.

7.Repeat the rubbing procedure on side 2. Palm the junctions and edges. Place your hands inside to help shape the cone as you want. The felt will keep its shape when it   dries, so place the piece of felt on a bottle neck and let it dry.

The harder you rub, the quicker, nicer and stronger the result.

Have fun :)


DIY Sewing: Colorful cushions

DIY Felting: Autumn Felted Hairpin

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